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Salesforce EDI Integration Solution

With the help of Salesforce and The EDI Exchange Integration, we put efforts to boost productivity, reduce overall costs and save your valuable time.
Salesforce EDI Integration

The EDI Exchange lets you to send and receive EDI directly via Salesforce. In this way, our integrated solution eliminates the process of data entry and other related manual work associated with any drop ship program. The EDI Exchange refers to a cloud platform providing quick solutions without any requirement of a relevant IT resource.

In this way, you can empower your brand and gain your recognition as an excellent vendor. In addition, we provide you with a robust reporting feature and proactive compliance notification, so that you can run a drop ship program successfully. Thus, as a business owner, you only have to focus on its growth, while our EDI experts will take care of your EDI compliance and integration with Salesforce.

Purchase Order Solution

Our The EDI Exchange and Salesforce integrated team allows integration of your purchase orders with Salesforce at anytime as possible.

For this, we import valuable pieces of information related to your purchase order, PO date, like quantity, item, date and price for shipment and similar others, while facilitate order fulfillment by obtaining support from SKU, UPC, item numbers of buyers and sellers both.

Advance Shipping Notice Solution

With the help of paperless ASN document i.e. Advanced Shipping Notices, sent via Electronic Data Interchange, we take steps to reduce costs and boost accuracy associated with receiving shipments in stores and warehouses via standardizing the way you sent information to recipients and reduce the extent of paperwork by simply sending in digital format.

The best thing about Advanced Shipping Notices offered by our team is that we provide you with detailed information beyond a traditional packing list and we perform order deliver in a well manner.

Invoice Solution

Our team auto fills invoices with data available from your customers purchase and ASNs in case they are applicable. However, with the integrated electronic-based invoices via our ASNs, you can automate each of the mentioned steps related to creating invoice to get competitive benefits and thereby, achieve management efficiency ratios and saving costs significantly.

Our software has extensive validation facility designed primarily to detect errors and avoid any charge back. Before EDI and ASN solutions, a majority of invoice issuers have to spend their valuable resources to many critical aspects related to commercial procedures, like billing for clients on a periodic basis, checking deliveries and other related manual tasks.

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