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Cost effective and service-oriented transportation The transportation industry solely relies on the services offered by the EDI for the provision of reliable data. EDI or Electronic Data Interchange is a standard format for exchanging business data. These exchanges understand that your business is in dire need of data with excellent visibility. In the transportation industry, lost sales can be very devastating. The need to understand the location of every product in the global economy can be very overwhelming. The use of fast and reliable information allows managers to schedule future inventory and expense. The method of intelligent data flow coupled with the user-friendly integrations gives you a competitive edge in the transportation industry. The innovation and new technology drive the transportation and supply chain universe. All supply chain managers love details. As far as the complete supply chain is concerned, a vital understanding of the whole system is a criterion for success.

While goods are sourced and supplied on a global basis, the transpiration providers are looking for new ways of keeping their customers an edge over their competitors. The automation of high-volume communications saves time energy and resources and also improves the integrity of data. The use of EDI eliminates manual input of information into the dispatch or billing system; this tends to create more room for your employees to improve their customer services. The improved forecasting with predictive analytics allows clients to see disruptive patterns in their supply chain, and effectively manage the overall inventory levels. Through the use of GPS tracking systems, serial numbers, unit counts, part numbers and much more are monitored in real time. The tagging and scanning of these assets improve the visibility on all levels of your supply chain. Most companies now reduce their order cycle times and other overall costs with lower inventory levels.
Transportation EDI Transactions

204 Motor Carrier Load Tender
210 Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice in tranportation page
214 Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message
940 Warehouse Shipping Order transactiont

997 Functional Acknowledgment
945 Warehouse Shipping Advice
820 Payment Order Remittance Advice
990 Response to a Load Tender

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