The EDI Exchange
Walmart EDI Solution: A must add Resource to your Business Venture

Becoming a part of Wal-Mart, one of the world’s biggest retailers, is an excellent way to reach out to thousands of customers every day. It is a humongous task to handle order requests without having an integrated system to interact and coordinate with the Wal-Mart online platform. This is where a supplier has to adopt Walmart EDI Solution to get into the network and maintain exemplary communication via following the industry-standard EDI protocols.

Discovering Wal-Mart EDI

The apt management of inventory and orders will require a perfect EDI solution for the enterprise you are handling. An Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) software platform needs to be installed and incorporated into the ERP system so that you can visualize and commit to the orders generated on the Wal-Mart platform and get them accomplished. EDI transactions can only be perfectly handled when you have the right EDI platform, customized according to your business needs, installed connecting all the entities in this business sphere.

It will need an Applicability Statement 2 (AS2) for translating EDI information and order management. It will also enable you to manage inventory, handle orders, check shipping, and maintain a relationship with the trading partners. It can also be used to analyze cost and inventory forecasting.

When a system is in the right place handling all the entities mentioned above, your business will surely make immense progress. An organized approach is always a smarter decision for a consolidated outcome.

How Walmart EDI solution works

Order management

With a Walmart EDI Solution, you can reduce data entry, receive orders in perfect shape, import orders, and monitor selecting, packing, shipping and fulfillment. The elaborate process can be easily handled when the monotonous tasks are automated. The risk of committing mistakes will also reduce to a minimum.

Data entry in EDI

An EDI order management platform, when integrated accordingly, will deliver brilliant features from displaying data, reducing re-entry monotony, invoice generation, save resources, and time. Errors and man-made mistakes will be eradicated and the workflow will become extremely smooth.

Streamlining data

The complexity of orders and inventory management for a business, when linked with Wal-Mart, will be reduced comprehensively when the workflow is streamlined. From picking to packing, labeling to shipping, every step will be well-coordinated and streamlined by using a software platform for EDI transactions. The detail of an order can be visualized in the devices linked with AS2.


Seeking the ideal Walmart EDI Solution should be the first step for an enterprise expecting a huge volume of orders to fulfill. The streamlining features and apt data handling with the automation features will be the best bet for executing hassle-free operations in your business.