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How to Become EDI Compliant with Amazon?

Online shopping sites are becoming people's favorite places for buying a wide variety of products. Small retailers who have got themselves with giants like Amazon should start incorporating EDI without much delay. Amazon is a leading online retail company ranked third in the world in terms of its sales volume.

During its initial days, it started out as an online platform for selling books which gradually grew into what we see it today. It took over many businesses in the process and is now fighting neck to neck with Wal-Mart. Amazon had always been “customer-obsessed” they primarily focused upon offering their customers convenience. Amazon has recorded some of the highest sales ever achieved by an e-commerce website.

Currently, there are over 300 million active users and 65+ million Prime users on Amazon. Several companies are now trying to enlist themselves on It is the leading name in the-commerce business which accounts for around 175 million potential buyers monthly.

How to become a seller on Amazon?

Becoming a seller on Amazon is quite easy. It only takes a few minutes to create a business/personal account on Amazon. Put your items in the order and start selling. Amazon offers all sorts of assistance, logistics solution and payment solutions to ensure that all the products reach the customers on time. Certainly, sellers must comply with the terms and conditions of Amazon and also pay subscription charges as per the selected enrolment option.

Vendors are allowed some time to establish ape properly integrated Amazon EDI Solution System to help communicate Amazon Vendor Interface with the vendor’s business software. This feature is provided at no extra cost to enlisted sellers. This helps them to integrate their orders received from Amazon into their own business software and vice-versa.

Need for Amazon Vendor Central EDI Integration for small vendors

The Amazon Vendor Central offered by Amazon lets you manage all operations of your shop manually. This requires intense manual labor along with continues human interaction. For example, when order is extracted from the Amazon it gets automatically recorded in the vendor's system. EDI solutions USA integration is the best way of doing it.

When Should Vendors incorporate EDI systems in their business?

● Opting for EDI systems and becoming a complaint with Amazon Vendor Central is completely worth the money.
● A huge number of commodities are being sold on Amazon. The products enlisted on the website are changing periodically which makes it quite difficult and time-consuming for manual handling.
● The number of orders received is increasing on a daily basis. Therefore managing bulk data manually will lead to a number of errors.

What are the top benefits of integrated EDI services

● Checks human errors in data entry.
● Increases efficiency and ensures on-time delivery.
● Quicker response when orders are placed on Amazon.
● Better reviews for satisfied customers.
● Provides real-time status of the inventory from Vendor’s business software or ERP into Amazon account automatically.