The EDI Exchange
Key Benefits of Fishbowl EDI Integration

In today’s digitally driven retail market, it has become more than necessary to implement Electronic Data Interchange for a smooth business process. EDI is a tool that helps retailers customize the format of data sent from vendors to the retailer. Known organizations such as Walmart, Costco, and Target ensure that the invoices and orders they receive from vendors comprise precise information and are based on the same template. This is where organizations prefer to rely on Fishbowl EDI integration tools. Fishbowl is known for developing and publishing inventory management software for companies of almost all levels.

As Fishbowl has a large following in the Fishbowl Partner Marketplace offering EDI integration with Fishbowl Manufacturing and Warehouse, These EDIs allow movement of sales orders and other documents formed in Fishbowl to the relevant recipients automatically. Some of the key benefits of Fishbowl EDI integration are as follows.

Top Advantages of Fishbowl EDI Integration

1- Cost-Effective

As a majority of the inventory management tools are expensive, small and medium businesses are not able to afford them. This is where Fishbowl excels from its competition by offering solutions at unbelievable prices. Fishbowl EDI integration is so affordable that it ensures that nothing hurdles the growth of your business

2- Cost Saving

If you need to spend a substantial amount of time and effort in managing your inventory, and you need to spend hours finding the precise data in Excel sheets, as well as rectifying inventory errors, it’s time to switch to Fishbowl EDI integration.

With Fishbowl, you will not only be able to minimize human errors and save money but it will also notify you whenever the inventory levels get low, and a stock renewal is required. Also, Fishbowl EDI helps you have the right amount of stock so that you always have the exact extra inventory. This practice will ensure that stock gets out well before the expiration period, thus further reducing the possibility of incurring a loss.

3-QuickBooks Compatibility

Among small, medium, and large businesses, QuickBooks is considered the most popular accounting software. It is therefore important to have inventory management software that integrates with QuickBooks seamlessly. As Fishbowl was built keeping this aspect primarily, it aims to cater to users with a comprehensive solution for managing inventory and accounts in the best possible manner.

4.Virtual Training

Fishbowl was quick to comprehend the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and thus, prepared itself to be capable of providing virtual training sessions. Before pandemic, they used to offer clients on-site training as to how to use the application. To prevent businesses in this tough time, Fishbowl has begun providing virtual training sessions.

5- Boost Speed

One of the prime focuses of Fishbowl has always been to speed up most inventory tasks. Certain time-consume tasks can be managed efficiently with Fishbowl. For example, if you scan your incoming products manually using pen and paper, with Fishbowl EDI, product scanning can be done in a matter of few minutes using a barcode scanner.

Considering the various advantages of Fishbowl EDI integration , it is evident that this is one of the best inventory management tools available in the market to make your business more efficient.