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Effect of Corona Virus on Supply Chain and How to tackle it

The outbreak of the Corona Virus in the year 2019 earmarked the necessity of resources. Declaring COVID-19 as a pandemic, it has become a real concern for the entire world. China and Italy are witnessing a grave situation. China has controlled it to a huge extent but lost more than 3200 lives whereas Italy is still struggling to reduce the impact of this deadly virus.

Protocols to follow to handle Corona effect

The death toll in Italy has reached 3400 as of 20th March 2020. People are panicking and stocking necessary stuff at a higher volume causing a worldwide deficit of daily items. This is going to impact the supply chain industry, as well as, the manufacturing world. The responsibility of this industry has increased manifold for maintaining the gap in the market. This is where every company in this domain must follow the contingency protocols to keep it safe and supply necessary items.

Introducing digital technologies

With the aid of EDI services, a company can digitize its daily operations reducing the necessity of paperwork and maintain strong communication with other business partners. In this way, there is no reason for documentation or contacting physically for orders. Requisitions can be generated digitally and availed by a shared EDI platform. This ecosystem will then be maintained and the threat of spreading the Corona Virus will reduce to a minimum.

Maintaining the flow of products

The necessary products should be there on the shelves of retail units. Every business is going to face a hard time along with the citizens. This is why the supply chain companies will have to work hard and maintain the stock levels to meet the requirements. For this, every employee should follow the standard protocols regarding personal hygiene and safety. In this way, the flow of products will not be disrupted at all. Stock visibility can be escalated using EDI managed services so that products can be ordered and shelves can be filled.

Be trustworthy for your customers

As per the expectations and forecast by the supply chain experts, the biggest threat will be faced by the small business owners. It will impact them hugely as customers will reduce the number of orders for a month or more due to quarantine rules mandated by the authorities. For this, you will have to build trust and tell your customers that every product is safe to use. Stay in touch with the suppliers for maintaining the same protocols. Integrating EDI services for small business will be ideal in these crucial times.

Spread the word

Proper coordination between the business partners in a supply chain system is what the world needs. Coordinating the safety protocols, maintaining the workload and meeting the rising demands of products in the Corona-hit market is very important.

Integrating an EDI service in the ERP platform will be ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. In this way, proper communication can be established to tackle consumer goods shortages in the market.